About Auriel

Auriel Sylvain is a European writer, equally at home on the Celtic fringe, in the Nordic boreal forests or a continental monastery.

As an archetypal wizard, Auriel is convinced of the power of text to shape and create reality, no matter whether the incantation takes the form of source code, liturgy, poetry, prose or any combination. Having initially found computers to be easier to master than humans, Auriel has spent many years crafting new enchantments, paddling in lakes of data, or wrangling flocks of tangible and imaginary servers within the digital realm.

Constantly open to further understanding and experience of the numinous, this innate curiosity somewhat inadvertently resulted in earning an advanced degree in the field of religion, in the process being awarded a prize for the best dissertation. Currently, Auriel is drawn to exploring religious themes through the medium of story, with a particular focus on interreligious encounter.